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Control Rooms

  • Description:

    The SERVTRACK Advanced Communication System is a fully-digital switching and multiplexing system that represents the state-of-the-art in integrated communication console technology for mission-critical applications. The system’s end-to-end digital architecture integrates voice (radio and telephone), data, paging, and video communications to provide unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use

    Police Surveillance Control Rooms, Medical Emergency Response Centres (911 Centres), Army Command Centres, Emergency Response Centres, Natural Disaster Rapid Response Control Rooms, Election Monitoring Control Room, Navy Command Centre (Naval Control Room)

  • Features:

    • Radio dispatch
    • PABX access
    • PSTN access
    • Autocall routing
    • Automatic Call Distribution
    • VoIP
    • SNMP support
    • Embedded HTML/PDF browser
    • Hotlines, intercom and public address
    • Trunked-radio interfaces and protocols
    • Network LAN and WAN connections and protocols
    • Patching and conferencing
    • Paging
    • Selective calling (SELCAL)
    • Open-data architecture to support third-party developers
    • Digital data telemetry
    • Control of closed-circuit television (CCTV)
    • Web-streaming video for CCTV
    • Alarm monitoring
    • Channel monitoring
    • Voice logging
    • Recorded Voice Announcement

  • Applications:

    • Banks Central Control Rooms
    • Hotels
    • Oil Companies Facility Management
    • Fire Stations
    • Ambulance Management
    • Fleet Management
    • Casinos
    • Air Control Towers
    • Crisis Management Centres
    • Electricity Grids
    • Water Management
    • Rail Lines
    • Traffic Control
    • Armed Services
    • Police Headquarters
    • Army, Navy , Airforce Defence Headquarters
    • State Governments
    • Presidency

  • Benefits:

    Below are some of the benefits of setting up a control room.

    • Fault-tolerant, robust, reliable operations
    • Efficient, intuitive, easy-to-configure user interface (UI)
    • Enhanced Interoperability
    • Enhanced System integration
    • Rich set of features
    • Low-cost Evolution and system longevity
    • Scalable Platform
    • Customer Support
    • Cutomization Options

Access Control

  • > Details

    SERVTRACK biometric data capture solutions include fingerprint, palm print, iris, and facial recognition for processing

    SERVTRACK can handle any project from single doors to large multi story complexes

    SERVTRACK can integrate different types of keypad entry systems for your location. These include codes, touch pad, etc.

    We can install isolated and integrated keycard entry solutions. These range from one isolated uni-directional door to multi-level access using time and priority levels

Security Doors

  • > Automated Revolving Doors

    This is a two-wing revolving door with spacious compartments that easily accommodates large objects such as shopping and luggage trolleys, stretchers and wheelchairs. Available in three models, this is the most versatile high capacity entrance solution, suitable for:

    revolving door

    • Airports
    • Hospitals
    • Banks
    • Hotels
    • Supermarkets and various types of public buildings.

    This is a sophisticated automatic revolving door with spacious compartments, easily able to cope with intensive pedestrian traffic flow while protecting the building environment from outdoor temperatures

    This is a high quality revolving door with eye-catching features. Its unique design combines architectural beauty with the highest degree of flexibility. From saving energy costs to the use of intelligent safety features, every aspect of this revolving door is designed to fulfil the needs of our customers. The variety of configurations enables us to offer you a suitable entrance solution for almost any building.

  • > Automated Slide and Swing Doors

    Slide: SERVTRACK automatic sliding door systems provide extensive convenience and flexibility for effortless access without contact with the door. In our extensive product range you will find the right door solution for every building,

    Sliding door

    Swing: These are available in single or double door versions. It is extremely versatile and easy to install, and thus ideal for settings which host people whose motor skills are challenged, such as medical centers, hospitals or public buildings.

    Ideal for:

    • Office Buildings,
    • Convenience Stores
    • Filling Stations,
    • Apartment Buildings,
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Hospitals
    • Conference Centres and Exhibition Buildings as well as innumerable other types of buildings.


Deterence and Protective

  • Bollards

    SERVTRACK range of High security bollards prevent vehicles with explosives from ramming into your premises. ServTrack Bollards can withstand 7 tonnes of force.


    With the applications in:

    • Airports
    • Government or military facilities
    • Embassies
    • Public or High Profile Buildings

    Its impact resistance is very high as it is made of cast steel (thickness up to 24mm (7/8'').The cover cast in one piece, 10 years warranty for the high resistance cover in cast steel. It protects the bollards environment. The shock energy received by the bollards is divided by its long jacketing into counter components and is then relayed to the embedded casing.

    SERVTRACK can install automated bollards used to prevent forced entry by vehicles and other instruments used by intruders. These Bollards can be either electric or pneumatic in operation. Bollards can be lowered by remote control

  • Turnstiles

    SERVTRACK Turnstile is the perfect solution when security at large passage ways, even unmanned ones, is needed to regulate high volumes of people transit. Designed to also work outdoors, our turnstiles are employed at airports, sea ports, large business facilities, underground stations, train stations and stadiums.


    Harmonious, elegant, silent and quick wing features numerous qualities It fits perfectly in even the most prestigious settings such as:

    • Hotels
    • Business facilities
    • Casinos
    • Government Buildings
    • Showrooms
    • Fitness/wellness centres.
    It is also designed to ease passage for physically challenged people.

  • Arm Barriers

    SERVTRACK automated Arm Barriers can be used for stopping traffic, parking lot barrier. it is engineered to manage vehicle access in both residential and commercial situations.
    arm barrier
    • Lighted Barriers,
    • Security Barriers
    • Fast raising for traffic control

    SERVTRACK Arm Barriers will prevent unauthorised entry into secure areas. SERVTRACK has several types of Arm Barriers: • Security Arm Barriers
    • Fast Moving Arm Barriers
    • Illuminated Arm Barriers
    • Arm Barrier for Parking Systems
    • Arm barriers with Bollards

  • Roller Shutter

    SERVTRACK offers variety of roller shutters including fire rated and fire resistant shutters. Our selection of roller shutters can be manual, or electric. Select from a standard portfolio of products or have us design a roller shutter for a specific area with provided dimensions.

    roller shutter
  • Automated Slide and Swing Gates

    Our automated gate motors can be delivered and installed on existing gates. Or a tailored to fit gate can be manufactured for specific client requirements . Automation increases your ability to control accessibility and reduces man power while still providing a safe and secure access control option. Controlling vehicle and pedestrian traffic access is key to increased security. Swing entrance gate motors can be manufactured in a range of standard or single and double leaf access. We provide these options with or without power operation. SERVTRACK provides an extensive range of access control options for all swing gates

    swing gates
  • Fibre Optic Sensor and Perimeter Fencing

    The detection performance of the SERVTRACK columns are the highest range detection columns available. Their features allow for the creation of a virtual detection walls that are invisible and impenetrable.


    This is the latest technology for large area fencing. SERVTRACK is the largest supplier of electric fence parts and accessories to installers in West Africa. We also execute large electric fence projects, SERVTRACK imports, supplies, and installs wire mesh fences of different grades (Black Pole, Galvanised, Plastic Coated) fencing depending on client needs


Bomb Protection

  • > Vapour/Trace detection

    Bomb Material Detection used at entrances of events, lobbies of buildings,event centers, and other high target areas to be secured

  • > Anti-Bomb Blinds

    One reason why the higher specifications of our Security Blinds product have been so well received, especially by International police, is simple. It does much more than just protects property, it can save lives. SERVTRACK Blinds, in conjunction with Anti-Shatter Film or Polycarbonate Sheets, have been tested and proven highly effective in mitigating the effects of bomb blasts and therefore provide a solution to protect personnel and property from terrorists or industrial explosions.

    A worryingly high percentage of businesses never recover from the disruption and loss caused by break-ins. SERVTRACK SECURITY BLINDS safeguards you against the disruption, losses and damage to your business, assets and property. But it's not just an efficient way to protect your offices; it's by far the most attractive and appealing option, blending in to create a more pleasant look that staff appreciate.

    Our products are specified for critical infrastructure because of the high level of security required for the likes of control centres, safe havens and post rooms.

    The way SERVTRACK SECURITY BLINDS protect is deceptively simple. The second a blast occurs in the vicinity of your protected premises, the blades snap shut. This provides an impenetrable barrier, preventing flying glass and debris from penetrating the building, protecting both the internal premises and individuals in them. The building also remains secure from looting. The blinds have provided a greatly enhanced working environment, protecting the premises from burglary and the effects of bomb blast.

  • > Ballistic Protective Wear

    SERVTRACK is the sole distributor for bullet proof vests and shields to protect against firearms and explosive. Protective helmets come with back flaps for maximum protection

Jammers & Scanners

  • > Mail Scanner

    SERVTRACK Mail Scanners are cabinet x-ray systems for screening mails and small parcels for explosive material. SERVTRACK suggests this is done at the gate

  • > Convoy Bomb Jammer

    SERVTRACK Car Operated and Ground Fixed Jammers are suitable for blocking remote controlled improvised explosive devices at event centers, convoys, during parades, and political rallies

  • > Handheld Bomb Jammer

    SERVTRACK Handheld Jammers are designed to effectively block explosives from different communication standards including cellular phone networks, radio, video, wifi, Bluetooth and GPS

  • > Portable Explosive/Parcel Scanner

    Portable Scanner can detect explosives in packages left unattended or abandoned. This can be kept at the central security control room and used in case of suspicious packages. Portable Scanners can be used in lobbies, Events, Political rallies in high target areas to scan all parcels, briefcases, bags, packages at point of entry.