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  • Crisis Management Training

    Areas of Business

    • Emergency Response Planning
    • Business Continuity
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Crisis Management
    • Pandemic Management

    Key Programmes:

    • Help evolve its own standard of comprehensively designed Business Continuity and Emergency Response Planning (BCERP) by organising training in the United States or in Nigeria for Security Agency Officials.
    • Assist orhganisations with developing a cadre of astute BCERP professionals who are internationally certified
    • Develop a program of rigorous testing of BCERP strategy and effective periodic review of preparedness and on-going recertification of trained Agency person

    Major Topics Covered in Course Outline

    Policy and Program Management and Embedment into Organisation Culture

    • Understanding the Organisation
    • Assess Risks and Impacts
    • Risk Evaluation and Control
    • Business Impact Analysis
    • Develop Strategy and Architect Solution
    • Develop Business Continuity Startegies
    • Emergency Response and Operations
    • Public Relations and Crisis Cordination
    • Coordination with Public Authorities
    • Implement Change
    • Business Continuity Plan
    • Monitor and Test (Measure Risk and Performances)
    • Awareness and Training Programs
    • Maintenance and Exercise Plans




  • Security Asset Procurement

    ServTrack is a liscenced wholesaler of security Equipment and gadgetry. We have partners all over the world who help us make your security our utmost priority!